Our Objective:

The Northwest Meat Processors Association shall work for the betterment of the meat industry in the Northwest. This will be accomplished by providing strong, qualified leadership that represents the intrests of the meat industry in the legeslative halls. In addition, we keep our members informed of developments and matters of development and matters of interest in the meat industry.

NWMPA Code of Ethics:

  1. To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States; to maintain law and order, to foster and encourage the highest ideals of citizenship; to assist in the development of the Pacific Northwest by encouraging the best uses of it’s natural resources and by improving the material and social conditions of all its people.
  2. To serve the interests of agriculture developments within the Pacific Northwest, and cooperation with educational and regulatory authorities and other interested agencies in the development of a sound and effective meat program.
  3. To develop, encourage, promote and enforce among it’s members a firmer business unity. To improve and perfect high standards of integrity and ethics in transactions between members and their customers, and with the general public.
  4. To foster the development and process of the art of meat processing through example and communication.
  5. To make technical and other studies of any matters affecting the meat processing industry; to promote and raise the standards or operation affecting the meat processing industry.
  6. It shall be the duty of each and every member of this Association to uphold, promote and abide by the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Northwest Meat Processors Association, and to conduct the members’ business in accordance with its objectives and purposes.
  7. To assure that in all sales and contracts of sale and advertisements, the member of the Association shall practice good faith, shall give full and truthful representations of the quality and description of meat sold or offered for sale, and in their trade relations shall studiously avoid the use of terms or expressions that are false or misleading.
  8. To represent member firms before and to cooperate with committees of the Legislature, administrative officials, and Commissions of the Pacific Northwest to the end of that the interests of its member firms shall be thoroughly and adequately considered and understood in relation to contemplated legislation, rules and regulations, and administrative orders.
  9. To gather and disseminate information. To make factual surveys and investigations. To prepare and publish to its membership, bulletins and digests which will increase the efficiency of the operation of its members and increase the knowledge of its members as to their respective rights and privileges.