Member Information

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Membership Services and Benefits:

Representation in the State Government:

The NWMPA has a record of achievement in dealing with government problems. In fact, you may want to ask yourself, “Have you stopped harmful legislation?” The NWMPA has! Thats where our strength in numbers comes in. A group united as the NWMPA can work wonders in the State Government. Thats one reason why you should be a part!


The regular newsletter which members recieve will keep them infromed on important local and national news in the meat industry, industry trends and association activities which may have a direct effect on their business.

Annual Convention:

The Annual Convention is a highlight of each year. This great show features education with meetings that address crucial issues in the meat industry; great fun and fellowship with your fellow meat processors, plus a large show of exhibits by leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Northwest Cured Meats Show:

This show held in conjunction with the Annual Convention gives members the oppertunity to have their products judged and rated. Winners regularly take advantage of the great publicity of winning through the media and by the display of the awards.

Continuing Education Seminars:

Sausage Seminars, Cured Meats Classes, Plant tours, Regulatory Seminars… anything that will help our members keep ahead of changes… these are just a few of the special meetings we conduct for our NWMPA members!

Types of Memberships:

Operator Membership:

This class is for most of our members… it is for those who are not federal plants. This class is also for all Federally inspected Meat Processors.

Suppliers Membership:

This class is for companies which offer equipment, supplies and services to meat processors of the Northwest and believe that being associated with the nation’s largest state meat association will benefit their company.

Ally Membership:

Individuals who are engaged in any way with the meat industry, maintaining a residence in the Pacific Northwest, are eligible to be an associate member. They have no vote nor cannot be board member or officer, but they can serve on committees and participate in any association meeting